Trying to get Carol to sit still long enough for an interview is like trying to harness a bumblebee. This lady is in perpetual motion.

Born in the north-eastern town of Chapleau, Ontario, Carol and her family came to Windsor when she was a young girl. She may be a City girl now, but her roots are still deep in the North where much of her extended family still resides.

Prior to her retirement, Carol was a Vice-principal at the Greater Essex County District School Board, having also served as a teacher over a 30+ year career. She still speaks fondly of the many hundreds of children whose lives she touched.

Mother to three including a set of twin girls, Carol recently welcomed twin grandchildren into the fold.

Carol’s interest in volleyball really began in highschool, but she didn’t begin to participate regularly until she joined WAMVL (Windsor Adult Mixed Volleyball League) in 1975, actively participating in WAMVL until 2015.

In 2005 Carol began playing “Senior” volleyball at the now-defunct Sandcastle volleyball venue.

For the next 14 years to present, Carol has been an invaluable booster, mentor, athlete and volunteer in Senior volleyball circles both in District 32 and at the Provincial level. She has also found the time to win medals in both Women’s and Co-ed divisions at Provincial Games.

As well, Carol has served as Winter Games Coordinator from 2011 – 2017 and as Volleyball Convenor from 2011 to present. Both of these positions demand innumerable hours of planning, coordinating and implementation – a true indicator of Carol’s commitment to the continuation of Senior Sport in our Area.

Carol extolls the many positive experiences of meeting athletes from all over the province at the various Provincial Games. She was pleased to discover that they all shared many of the same motivators: fellowship, competition and a desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Asked what she would advise a senior person considering joining volleyball, or any sport for that matter, Carol said ; “it is important to just do your best, embrace making new friends and just relax and enjoy yourself. And if you find that a particular sport is not a good fit, try another. There are so many to choose from.

When Carol isn’t engaged in OSGA, WECSG District 32 and grass-roots volleyball play, she keeps busy as a volunteer at St. Mary’s Food Cupboard, as liaison for WRSA volleyball and as a new member of WECSSO Board of Directors.

An avid cyclist, kayaker and canoeist, Carol is also mad about travelling. Italy and a return to Ireland top her Bucket List.

For Carol ” I AM SENIOR GAMES” is more than just a slogan – it’s a lifestyle.

Carol – congrats on your successes and thank you for your continued service to Windsor Essex County Senior Games.

Editor: Patty Findlay